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Veterans are a major part of who we are today as a Nation and who we are at Eleanore’s Friends. Untold numbers still bear the scars of their service. Some wounds are apparent to the casual observer yet many are not. Ninety year old vets far removed from conflict, continue to wage an often very private war as they relive battle trauma. Although Post Traumatic Stress Disorder isn’t visible, families live with its devastating effects which can become significantly more disabling and degenerative as the vet grows older. For each combat veteran, there were thousands of veterans from every branch of service and every component who supplied direct and indirect support, often referred to as the “beans, bullets and band-aids”. Without their dedicated service, war fighters could never prevail. Maintaining a strong national defense would be impossible without the cooks, mechanics, logisticians, medics, personnel specialists, and numerous other professional and non-professional specialties which sustain the force. The bulk of this support has been provided by Reserve and National Guard personnel for years now. Whether in peacetime or war, stationed at home or deployed, all of our vets have served with distinction.

With this understanding in mind, we at Eleanore’s Friends want every veteran and their family to know that because your sacrifices have safeguarded our freedom, it is now our time and high calling to serve you. Our care staff is compassionately sensitized to the special needs of our veterans and their families.

There are multiple programs offered through the VA to aid in the cost of in home care: Give us a call and we will walk you through the process of qualification.

Homemaker Home Health Aid Program

Designed to help veterans with health complications remain in their home, the Homemaker Home Health Aid Program allows a veteran to receive up to 20 hours per week of in-home care by a professional caregiver to assist with activities of daily living. Call us and talk with a member of our Veteran’s Care staff for information on how to qualify for this program.

Aid and Attendance Program

Designed to assist honorably discharged veterans that have served on the warfront, the Aid and Attendance Program provides funding to low-income veterans and/or their spouses for professional caregiving assistance with Activities of Daily Living. Qualified veterans can receive up to $24,228 in annual pension. We can assist with the qualification and funding for this program. Call us and talk with a member of our Veteran’s Care staff. We have all the necessary information and it’s easy for us to start the qualification process.

Our Military Legacy

It is my Grandmother Eleanore’s legacy of service that continues to inspire me today. With a strong sense of duty to her country, she was among many young patriots who answered the call to support our fighting forces during WWII. Her choice of military occupational specialty was a perfect fit for the eldest daughter in a family of six kids. She’d seen her own mother bring her aged and infirm Aunt Silvia into her home and tenderly care for her until she died. That quality of mercy eventually took hold in her heart.

So it was no surprise to anyone when she became a Navy Hospital Corpsman, providing direct aid to wounded warriors returning from the battlefields of the European and Pacific theaters of war during WWII. Her youthful mind and soul were forever changed as she witnessed the gut wrenching sights and sounds of men recovering from the horrors experienced in battle. Some needed their wounds treated and others just needed a friendly face. She’d light up the darkest hospital room with her cheerful smile. She wouldn’t hesitate to reach for a hand or whisper a prayer.

After leaving the service to marry my Grandpa, also a WWII veteran, she went on to have twelve children and was known among neighbors and friends for her patriotism and selfless service to others. That desire to serve was a model for my mother, Christine, Eleanore’s eldest daughter, who also served her country for more than 29 years, retiring as a colonel in the U.S. Army. My father Nick, also a retired Army officer, was just 17 years old when he deployed as an infantryman with the First Calvary Division, on the first of 3 combat tours in Vietnam. He retired from the Army with nearly 30 years of meritorious service as well. I want to thank them both for modeling selfless service to family and country while raising a family.

Although they never tried to push me, their love of family and country was worn proudly, and at 18 years old, I surprised them by joining the Army Reserves. I felt it was my time to stand alongside my parents, grandparents, and great grandparents in our family’s legacy of military service. Graduation from basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, was a day I will never forget. It was hot and humid and my parents had just flown in from California along with other family who’d come to share the occasion. At my request, they arrived at the parade field in full uniform, which was appropriate for the occasion. I couldn’t have been prouder!

Eight weeks of basic training seemed like it would never end, yet it was all worth it when my drill sergeant had to stand at attention and salute my Mom and Dad.

As we snapped photos together all wearing the same uniform, I really understood what it meant to serve my country with pride and honor. I had a greater appreciation for my parent’s service, all the while trying to raise their family. I knew that one day Army Specialist Keith Mallos would be counted among America’s proud veterans.

It is my honor to stand and salute today’s veterans, young and old alike. My Grandma Eleanore Layton may well have cared for some of you upon your return from battle. I am proud to be able to continue that care at this stage of your life through the services we offer at Eleanore’s Friends. Let us come alongside and provide the compassionate care that will guard your dignity and uphold the honor you’ve earned as one of America’s finest.

Eleanore’s Friends is an In-Home Care Agency in Orange County with values based on compassion, connection, and companionship. Here’s how we stand out from the rest:

  • We rigorously examine all our Caregivers.​ They are employed by us, insured, and exceed state regulations. Best of all, we know their values align with ours.
  • We pride ourselves in our training.​ Our caregivers know everything they need for each patient with a fully documented care plan followed to the letter!
  • We are always here for you.​ Call us day or night, weekdays or weekends, holidays and every other day. We provide support 24/7 because we know how important your family is to you.
  • We use the best technology available. ​Use our family portal with confidence and peace of mind. We document everything for full transparency. Our billing system can expedite Long-Term Care Insurance payments.

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