From the very beginning, we knew that giving back would be the cornerstone of Eleanore’s Friends.

In the same way that Eleanore herself always helped those in need, we continue to honor her legacy through giving back to those less fortunate. At the turn of the century, the average life expectancy was 47. Today, the average is 75. As life expectancy grows longer, the need for care grows with it. Sadly, there are many seniors who will not be able to afford the care needed or receive the compassion they deserve as they age. That’s why we created the Together We Care Foundation.

Our mission is to one day provide home care for every senior in need within our communities. To make this a reality, we the need the support of Care Partners like you, individuals and organizations that believe all people, regardless of social or economic standing, deserve the respect and compassionate care available through Eleanore’s Friends. Each time you refer a client to us, you become a CarePartner. For every hour of paid care you refer, Eleanore’s Friends will give a dollar of care to a senior in need. These are called Care Dollars, and are a source of good for seniors in need. Once we have reached our goal, we will be working together with our CarePartners to nominate seniors who require care, but are unable to afford the care needed. So JOIN the movement at Eleanore’s Friends where we put the heart in home care and show that Together We Care.

For every hour of care we provide, Eleanore’s Friends will give a dollar of care to a senior in need.

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